Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Visiting Uvalde

Uvalde Texas is a storied contest site that features excellent soaring, and a deep tradition of Texas hospitality. The climate in this area is characterized by hot, dry semi-arid area with a reputation of excellent soaring.

City of Uvalde

First settled in 1853, Uvalde sits at the crossroads of highways 83 and 90 the two of the longest highways in the country. These highways go from Canada to Mexico and Florida to California. Located 86 miles (138 km) west of San Antonio and 70 miles (112 km) east of Del Rio, Uvalde has always been “on the road” with Spanish trails running from Mexico through Uvalde to San Antonio and Native American trails running north and south along the rivers. Uvalde is a crossroads of cultures with the language and customs having a mix of Mexican, Spanish, English, and German elements. Covering a Texas-sized 1,588 square miles (4,112 sq. km.), Uvalde County is home to the City of Uvalde, which covers 5.47 square miles (14 sq. km).

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